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John’s career as a public environmental science educator, anthropologist, archivist, exhibition designer|developer, artist|illustrator and writer spans over thirty years. John has designed over one hundred and eighty public museum exhibitions including national award-winning traveling exhibits. He has painting and exhibitions from Kuala Lumpur to South American and India to Europe, recently traveling Wicked Plants to multiple runs in Las Vegas based on the work of author Amy Steward.  

When not complaining about his back, he volunteers to model orthopedic footwear in his spare time. John lives alone in an over-priced rental, with a broken bathroom mirror and no insulation. He’s dreaming of having a home of his own with furniture where he can write, and eventually get a kayak and a maybe a sexy rugged ENFP partner. He also dreams of being able to go to the beach, without having to fend off roving bands of wooks that steal hats. 

Get in touch if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, fan art or just want to say hello.  He would be more than happy to hear from you if you're nice.

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This children's picture book is an illustrated story about Rocket, a small Kangaroo Mouse who made his home on a busy path in the beauty of the high desert. Other animals come and go, mostly in the evening and during the night-time when the air cools in the moon light. Rocket learns a little about each of the animals by watching and listening to them as they move along in their evening search for water, friends and food.

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This new children's picture book is an illustrated story about Wilton, a small chipmunk who lives on the edge of a large wet, wetland near a small city. Some big winds came with a storm and knocked over his home, which was nestled in the hollow of a tree. To his surprise and delight the other creatures who call the wetland home and call Wilton a friend, bring him all kinds of found and collected materials they offer up to help Wilton make a new home at the edge of the cool fresh water.





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