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Multiple studies have shown that if a young person has no attachment to the land or stars or creatures or plants of the world around them by around the second grade, they may forever look at the Earth’s resources and wildlife as mere exploitable commodities to use as they see fit.  

I’m trying hard to prevent this while trying to improve my own financial situation at the same time and hopefully find representation for my works.

Before I started writing books for children, I originally wrote a strange screenplay/book about my real-life journey and the weird dreams I've had that are caused by the many medications I take to stay alive, hoping that maybe, out there somewhere, are folks that can empathize with my lot in life, who maybe enjoy my writing and might feel ok with donating a dollar or more to help an old guy realize his dreams of having a home and to provide a safety net for old age. I was diagnosed as terminal thirty-eight years ago, so I never planned for retirement and now here I am - old and broke, but alive!  

I left my museum career or as I call it, the life of selected poverty, just before COVID and now live alone in an uninsulated, over-priced, moldy rental with no fridge, in the failed over-taxed inferno of California. I dream of a day I no longer have to take fifteen meds a day and I dream of having a home of my own someday with furniture where I can write, and have a kayak and a garage with a workbench, like my dad did. I also dream of not being alone anymore and maybe finding a ENFP partner...and maybe we’ll be able to go to the beach, without having to fend off roving bands of wooks that steal cool hats AND our car won’t be vandalized when we walk back to the parking lot.

And maybe we'll have a dog.

If you can help with a donation or maybe take a minute to share my plea for help with anyone or any group you think might be sympathetic to my cause, I would forever be most grateful.  I am NOT skilled at social media because of my age and could use all the help I can get. Don't let the image of me fool you - I used that for a reason which is explained in my first novel. I'm actually decades older. 

Remember that if you have a criticism or find a mistake, please let me know here instead of on social media or with Amazon rankings. One not-so-great review may never go away, even if I can fix the problem, and it could ruin any chance for me to try to lift myself out of poverty. At $0 - $1.64 in royalties per book, (Yes Amazon keeps the rest) it might take me a while to afford a home. 

​Thank you for your time and consideration and thanks

for supporting young minds and for encouraging learning and stewardship!   

All my best - John Cayden

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