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This children's book beautifully highlights over twenty types of coral found in coral reefs around

the world. The book aims to educate early readers about the diversity, structure and uniqueness

of coral species and their unique ecological niche, while sparking imagination and curiosity about the vast and amazing diversity of ocean life and the underwater nurseries we call reefs. Scientists who study corals are working hard to understand and protect these important life forms as the ocean waters become warmer. This book puts differing coral species together with a fictitious

little pink shrimp by the name of Cora.

TABLE CORAL Sample Page 

Table Corals spread out wide,

like a surface where you eat.  

But they can’t move or dance for you

because they have no feet!


Although together they are large,

They are little on their own.

Over a hundred many different kinds

join together for a home.

Table Coral Sample Page.jpg

PIPE CORAL Sample Page 

These beautiful-rainbow corals

grow in rows of tubes so neat.

Their hidden body is deep, deep-red, and

arms with purple help them eat.


They call them Pipe Corals

like the pipes of those that blow.

When touched they’ll shy and pull away,

but they have no place to go.

Pipe Coral Sample Page.jpg

WHIP CORAL Sample Page

Whip Corals stand free and tall, 

and can spiral up real high.

Their thin arms sway so gently, 

as they try to sting the sky.


Orange, red and yellow

and they even come in white,

are the colors that they grow in

like the one here in my sight.

Whip Coral Sample Page.jpg

Below are some sample pages out of sequence from the real book.

I can't afford to do anymore flip books so I'm using this format below.

It won't let me display the sample pages two at time like reading the real book would be, but you can at least imaging it.

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